"Bamboo Idea" was born in the head of 2 young entrepreneurs who always dreamed of starting a business. We wanted to combine our interest in fashion along with making a positive impact to the world. Due to our passion for environmental sustainability, the concept of selling products made from Bamboo stood out to us. Although Bamboo products seem to be the new trend these days, we were having trouble finding Bamboo products on the internet that we personally thought we would ever wear or use. Instead, we decided to do it ourselves.
So why Bamboo you ask? Bamboo is an environmentally friendly plant. What does this mean? Conventional wood, which not only needs to be replanted, requires large amounts of water, also requires pesticides and labor. Bamboo on the other hand requires no fertilizer and self-regenerates from its own roots, no replanting is needed. The advantages are pretty clear.
Not only is Bamboo environmentally sustainable and not harmful to our planet, Bamboo manages to have an unique beauty to it. Each product at Bamboo style has individual striations made from naturally occurring Bamboo. At Bamboo Idea, all of our products are individually hand-crafted from as many natural-friendly materials as possible to make our products easy to recycle. Our products are not only fashionable and environmentally friendly but are known for extreme durability.  
For every 1 purchase of either a pair of sunglasses or watch, 1 Tree will be planted in Portugal and Baptized in your name. You will receive a confirmation email of this within 5 days of purchase.
What are you waiting for? Come join us in saving the world, in style!